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What print is suitable for my t-shirts?

It depends on the number of t-shirts, the color of the print and its size. Screen printing is suitable for a larger print run, while thermal transfer or foil printing is suitable for one or several pieces with the same image. We take into account both the material of the fabric and the customer’s desire for the feel and overall look of the print.

Are you printing on textiles or customer materials?

Yes, you can bring your own t-shirts, pens, mugs or whatever you have chosen in advance. Some materials and products are beyond our printing capabilities, so we have a large selection of promotional products, memorabilia and textiles that are designed for printing to make your choice easier.

What are your print file requirements?

When it comes to screen printing or printing on souvenirs we prefer graphic files, for raster files it is important that they are in good resolution and in case you do not have the right files we will assist you with pre-printing and preparation. See a little more information here (link to Preprint and Design Submenu)

Can I place an order through the site, by email or by phone?

Our site does not offer such functionality, due to the highly individual approach to each order, but you can contact us by phone and email and we will send the finished order to you by courier.