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Screen printing is a printing technology using a screen made of a special mesh, on which there is a pattern of the image to be printed, and inks. Particularly suitable for large print runs, this type of printing is fast, low cost, high quality and customisable – printing on textiles allows spectacular glitter, metallic effects, gold or silver coating and much more. In addition to clothing, we also print on umbrellas, bags, hats, carriers, etc.
It is also suitable for use on flat souvenirs, e.g. notebooks, lighters, invitations, folders, calendars, etc.

Printing on textiles requires special inks that are harmless for use on clothing and in prolonged contact with the skin.
We use waterborne and plastisol paints from reputable manufacturers in Italy and Germany, with all necessary safety certificates.
If necessary, the seal is dried at high temperature in a tunnel dryer or press, or sealed on a pressure press.